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Youth Jobs & Leadership


The Youth Jobs & Leadership Program offers paid year-round jobs and with financial literacy workshops to youth ages 14 to 22 years old!


Our program provides stipend jobs to Lawrence youth during a 6-week period in the Summer or a 4-week period in the Fall.  This is done through a series of workshops that develop leadership skills by performing weekly projects that demonstrate what they have learned. Youth benefit from many soft jobs skills workshops ACT Lawrence provides including; financial literacy, resume writing, interview skills, public speaking, community organizing, outreach and implementing neighborhood improvement projects.  Youth also gain Service Learning opportunities.


The youth are motivated through weekly incentives and competitions guided by the program coordinators. These competitive, yet fun activities are key, since they offer real-life applications in leadership skills while learning to guide and supervise others.   

Applications for the youth program open in April annually. Visit our Facebook and other social media pages for announcements to apply.

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