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Empowering the Lawrence Community
2024 Board Slate


Mabel Dominguez


Year Joined: 2022

Industry: Educational Leadership

Committee: Executive

Mabel Dominguez, an experienced and dedicated educator, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the realm of education, with a career spanning fourteen years. Mabel’s tireless dedication to education and her passion for inclusivity and empowerment make her an invaluable asset to the board. Throughout her journey, she has taught diverse age groups, ranging from Pre-K to adult learners, public schools to catholic institutions showcasing her adaptability and commitment to fostering learning at various levels.

Mabel is committed to serving her community of Lawrence and is excited to push the Mission of ACT to empower Lawrence citizens to meet their financial and personal goals.


Rosa Maldonado 

Vice Chair

Year Joined: 2019

Industry: Education-HR

Committee: Executive, Marketing/Fundraising

Rosa Maldonado, a proud Dominican Republic native, moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts, in 1987 and has called it home ever since. Raised in a close-knit family, Rosa is one of seven siblings and plays an integral role as the aunt to an impressive total of 19 nieces and nephews.

Rosa's life is a testament to her commitment to family and community. She considers her most significant accomplishments to be her cherished son and the impactful work she has undertaken in the Lawrence community over the years. With a Human Resources and Recruitment background, Rosa has dedicated her career to serving others, seamlessly transitioning between nonprofit and corporate roles.

Her contributions have left a lasting mark on various organizations, with a notable stint at the Girl Scouts, where she managed Membership and Community Development in Lawrence, Haverhill, Lowell, Lynn, and Chelsea. Rosa's passion for community development and education shines through in her current role as the Recruitment/Development Manager at Phoenix Charter Academy. In this capacity, she is crucial in supporting the school with the Recruiting and Retaining staff that support the educational landscape for Lawrence and Haverhill students.

She joined the ACT Board believing in the transformative power of financial education; Rosa champions the idea that access to financial knowledge is critical to attaining financial freedom and generational wealth. Her dedication and passion for empowering the youth and fostering financial literacy underscores her belief in creating lasting positive change in the lives of those in the community.

Rosa Maldonado's story is one of resilience, community service, and a genuine passion for empowering the next generation. Through her work and advocacy, she inspires others to strive for a better, more informed, and empowered community.

Henry Josue Och 



Year Joined: 2018
Industry: Healthcare
    Committee: Executive / Finance 

Henry J Och brings 20 years of public health and leadership experience to our board. With a background in health and HUD-funded housing solutions, he has been a valuable contributor since joining in October 2009. Known for his financial management and leadership skills, Henry Och is dedicated to ACT Lawrence's mission and goal and his commitment to excellence is evident in helping develop the board of directors and establish ongoing financial monitoring.


We are fortunate to have Henry J Och on our board, and his passion for serving communities is truly inspiring. He continues to play a vital role in driving our organization forward.

Cristal Quezada


Year joined: 2022
Industry: Education-Development
Committee: Executive/Nominating

Cristal Quezada brings a dynamic blend of skills in grant writing, event coordination, operations, and project management to our board. With a strong background in program management and compliance within the educational sector, she has been a valuable contributor to ACT Lawrence since June 2022. Known for her exceptional organizational skills, her ability to effectively engage with diverse groups, and her meticulous approach to project execution, Cristal is dedicated to ACT Lawrence's mission and goals. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her multifaceted approach to project management, compliance, and community outreach.


We are fortunate to have Cristal Quezada on our board, and her passion for community development and educational excellence is truly inspiring. She continues to play a vital role in driving our organization forward, leveraging her extensive experience in program management and compliance to contribute significantly to our strategic goals.

Francisco Espaillat Director


Year Joined: 2014 and 2023

Industry: Finance - Lending

Committee: Nominating/Marketing

Francisco Espaillat brings 20 years of experience working with banks and lenders as a CRA residential home loan advisor. His knowledge of lending options available for low-to-moderate income census tract areas like Lawrence provides the board with strategic insight and understanding of ACT Lawrence's direct impact on the local real estate market. Francisco’s dedication to educating aspiring homeowners through financial literacy programs demonstrates his passion for empowering the community with a mindset to build their own stability and generational wealth. He has consistently advocated and participated with support for all ACT Lawrence
programs and with the mission to help provide community engagement opportunities through abundant financial capability programs.

Alenny Acevedo


Year Joined: 2021

Industry: Finance - Analytics

Committee: Marketing/Fundraising

Alenny Acevedo, a dynamic and resilient young Lawrence native, brings a keen analytical mind and a penchant for strategic thinking to our board. She recently graduated with her Master's in Business Analytics from Olin Babson Graduate School and works at American Express as a senior analyst. She has been a valuable contributor since 2021, known for leveraging tools and platforms to drive innovative solutions. Alenny is dedicated to ACT Lawrence’s mission and goals, especially being a product of the organization's summer youth leadership cohort of 2014-2016. She thrives in collaborative environments where she can contribute her skills to both analytical problem-solving and creative endeavors. 

We are fortunate to have Alenny Acevedo on our board, and her deep passion for social impact and Lawrence youth development is truly inspiring. As a trailblazer in the fields of business analytics and entrepreneurial leadership, Alenny Acevedo is poised to leave an indelible mark on the intersection of business, technology, and social responsibility for our organization. 

Luis Saenz de Viguera Erquiaga Director


  Year Joined: 2014 and 2022

    Industry: Higher Education                                                                            Committee: Marketing/Fundraising

Luis Sáenz de Viguera Erkiaga holds a Ph. D. in Romance Studies from Duke University, an M.A. in Contemporary Latin American Literature from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and a Licenciatura in English Philology from the Universidad of Deusto in his native Bilbao (Basque Country). After a visiting stint at Mount Holyoke College, he became a professor at Merrimack College, where he taught Spanish, Social Justice, and Cultural Studies. His areas of research interest and published scholarship include the relationship between resistance and culture, social movements, political transition and conflict (especially the conflict between Basque and Spanish nationalisms), alternative culture, punk rock, comic books, global film, post-industrial culture, and Latinax Studies. Besides his academic work, he has self-published fiction and photography online, has published illustrations in comic strips and short comic stories in underground fanzines, and is always looking for time to engage his creative muscles.

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